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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Tinker Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Tinker Pocket Knife


Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Tinker Pocket Knife

About the product:

  • Features 12 functions to equip you for everyday adventures - including 2.45" large blade, small blade, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener with large screwdriver, and can opener with small screwdriver (See product description for full list of features)
  • Stainless steel construction encased in polished red ABS scales provides sleek durability
  • Compact design makes this the perfect knife for any outdoor activity including camping, fishing, or hiking, as well as handy for everyday uses around the house or office
  • Length: 3.58” (91mm), Height: .551”, Weight: 2.187 oz.
  • Made in Switzerland

Product description:

The 3½ inch Tinker was designed to be slim and lightweight. It easily slips into a pocket to be called upon when any number of appropriate tasks present themselves. As a mainstay in the Swiss Army Knife collection, it will quickly become your mainstay.

12 Functions

■ 1 Large Blade
■ 2 Small Blade
■ 3 Phillips Screwdriver
■ 4 Can Opener with
■ 5 Small Screwdriver (also for Phillips Screws)
■ 6 Bottle Opener with
■ 7 Large Screwdriver
■ 8 Wire Stripper
■ 9 Reamer
■ 10 Key Ring
■ 11 Tweezers
■ 12 Toothpick

    Key Features:

    Phillips Screwdriver

    A favorite tool of many, the Phillips Screwdriver offers more torque, and ensures that your screw is driven in straight.

    Can Opener

    The can opener provides the ability to easily open cans wherever you are.

    Bottle Opener

    Also referred to as 'cap lifter', this tool easily removes bottle caps.

    Large Blade

    Slicing through boxes, dicing up fruit, or sharpening a pencil, the large blade offers countless functions.

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