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Vicks 1.5 Gallon Vaporizer With Night Light

Vicks 1.5 Gallon Vaporizer With Night Light


About the product:

  • 1.5 gallon capacity for 18-24 hour operation per filling and medicine cup allows the use of Vicks vaposteam or Kaz inhalant
  • Triple wall insulation keeps reservoir water at a safe temperature
  • Large Night-Light provides added safety and convenience, particularly in children's rooms
  • Automatic shut-Off when reservoir water reaches minimum level

How it Works:

The Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer with protective Steam Guard design provides maximum performance and reliability. The vaporizer boils the water and produces vapor which is released into the room. Steam vapor helps temporarily relieve cough and congestion. The vaporizer will automatically shut off when the water reaches minimum level.

  • Large night light.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Dual scent pad technology provides soothing vapors while sleeping.
  • Best for small-medium rooms

Product description:
Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer w/ Pure Steam Action for Relief of Cold & Flu Symptoms. The exclusive Vicks Vaporizer with SteamGuard design provides maximum safety, performance and reliability. The Vaporizer boils water producing a pure warm steam vapor which is released into the air. This vapor is bacteria free and leaves no white dust.

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