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Vgate OBD2 OBDII Memory Saver Connector

Vgate OBD2 OBDII Memory Saver Connector


  • Prevents electronic memory loss when disconnecting a vehicle's battery preserves vehicle codes and electronic presets.
  • First connect the battery, connect the battery, the red indicator light.
  • Connected to the 16pin OBDII port, a drop beep ring to prove the connection is normal.
  • Red clip link back-up battery positive, negative black negative.(Support more than 30A high current.)
  • The use of high-strength high-quality copper wire, silicone flame retardant cable, the flexibility is not easy to burn broken, with good insulation.

Product description:

Replace the battery will encounter these problems?

As we all know, to the owners do not change how much money the battery, because power, you have to set the vehicle time, lifting the glass, set the throttle, set the steering wheel steering angle sensor, audio lock, remote control failure.

With the Memory Saver Connector tools, the above situation will not appear.

Environmental design:
The use of environmentally friendly high-quality materials, no odor non-toxic ingredients, tough and soft wear resistance, not winding, environmental protection and durability.


  1. First connection the battery, the red indicator light
  2. Connect the battery to the 16pin OBD connector of the car
  3. When you insert OBD, The device beeps.

Operating instructions and notes:
1, with a red clip to connect the backup battery cathode, black to connect the negative (Positive and negative polarity will burn the car computer).

2, plug the red light, and then insert the car OBD plug, this time has been issued by the sound of drops, indicating normal connection.

3, at this time can change the battery, careful operation, pay attention to the replacement of the battery must lock the car, do not open the lights and other electrical equipment, not to the battery positive ground, otherwise it will burn the car OBD socket fuse.

4, for a good battery, the first release of the tools of the red clip, if also drops at this time ring, indicating successful, if there is no sound, indicating that the fuse burned.

Package list:

1 × Memory Saver Connector
1 × Plastic bag

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