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Vapor Soothers 28-Count Peppermint Scent Nasal Congestion Relief Dilator Clips


"NASAL CONGESTION RELIEF: Works in minutes, lasts 12 hours. Vapor Soothers are specifically formulated to provide a drug-free, natural way of relieving nasal congestion.
DRUG-FREE RELIEF: Avoid unwanted side effects from pills, ointments, sprays & patches. Vapor Soothers help alleviate symptoms of stuffiness, cold, flu, allergies, hay fever & snoring. No Cleaning, recharging or reusing, Vapor Soothers are disposable for single- time use.
DUAL ACTION RELIEF: A soft flexible clip, slips discreetly & comfortably into the nose & applies gentle pressure on the septum to immediately open up nasal passages, while delivering a gentle consistent flow of mentholated vapors to help soothe nasal congestion.
FEEL THE VAPORS: Using 100% all natural & organic essential oils, our nasal dilators are infused with soothing mentholated vapors, with a choice of therapeutic aromatherapy scents including peppermint, wintergreen, cinnamon & lavender.
DAYTIME, NIGHTTIME, ANYTIME: Appropriate for children & adults, Vapor Soothers can help provide increased airflow to relieve daytime or nighttime nasal congestion. Vapor Soothers are so discreet, they can be worn at home or in the office and during activities such as hiking, cycling, running, basketball & tennis."

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