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USA BabyDoppler Baby Doppler IR Infrared Forehead Ear Digital Thermometer Baby Adult

USA BabyDoppler Baby Doppler IR Infrared Forehead Ear Digital Thermometer Baby Adult


About the product
CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE Ear Thermometer with Forehead function (Dual Mode) - the easiest and most practical way to take a body temperature.
Clinical Thermometer - UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE with REVOLUTIONIZED CALIBRATION TECHNOLOGY - Clinically calibrated for medical use. Delivers temperature readings with Unfailing Accuracy and very fast.
PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT - Trusted by Pediatricians and Medical Professionals, this thermometer is the #1 CLINICALLY Tested and SECURE solution for All Ages.
Measure head or ear temperature

"Its perfect for parents with little children and extremely convenient to take the temperature without disturbing them. The Easy back-lit screen allows you to see the screen even in the dark. This is a must-have tool for every household. Whether you use the head mode for getting a quick reading (holding it for three seconds) or the ear mode for getting a spot-on measurement (in one click) the thermometer will give you a measurement in no time. There is simply no easier or quicker way to take a temperature.
America's #1 Selling Digital Dual Thermometer for Home-Use
Instant Results with Fever Warning
Easy to Operate
Sleek Stylish Design
Use it on-the-go
Batteries, Carrying Pouch, and Manual Included
Instructions: For forehead temperature: Hold button Head, scan the forehead from one side to another side and then release the button when the thermometer is off. The temparature will be displayed on the lcd display. For ear temperature: Take off the sensor cover, insert the sensor into the ear canal then press the button ear when the thermometer is off, the temperature will be displayed on the lcd display."

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