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Uniden Two 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkie Rechargeable 16 mile

Uniden Two 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkie Rechargeable 16 mile


Please read before buying this product!
The range that a two-way radio advertises is the range that the radio should get in "ideal" conditions. Ideal conditions are line of sight, such as from a mountaintop to a valley below -- no interference at all. Most likely, you will not be using the radios in these circumstances! You will probably want two-way radios for things such as hunting, skiing, malls, car trips or vacations. Under these normal conditions, the range of the radio will be limited because of obstructions, such as trees, hills, or buildings. These obstructions block the signal and dramatically reduce the range of a two-way radio.
Please do some online research first before making a decision to buy this product.
We will not allow product returns when the buyers are not satisfied with the advertised maximum signal range.

Uniden Two 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkie Rechargeable 16 mile

About the product:

  • 22 channels, including 7 FRS and 15 GMRS channels
  • The AC charger conveniently recharges the supplied batteries in the radios
  • Scan helps you find others in your area
  • Can connect a VOX or PTT-type headset for private conversations
  • Call tone will sound when calling each other and a roger beep lets others know when you finished speaking
  • Pair of FRS/GMRS family radios with 22 channels (15 GMRS, 7 FRS) and up to 16 mile range
  • Auto-squelch for reducing interference; channel scan/monitor for easily finding available channels
  • Power with three rechargeable AAA batteries (included) and recharge while in radio
  • Call tone and selectable roger beep; keypad lock feature to avoid changing settings
Uniden GMR1636-2

Rechargeable Two-Ways Are Great for Hiking, Hunting, and Plenty More

Uniden GMR1636-2 Range/Terrain Chart


Wide 16-Mile Range

→Use the radios when camping, hiking, hunting, or even for keeping in contact with another person in town. The GMR1636-2 radios offer plenty of options with a range of up to 16 miles. (As with all GMRS radios, you'll get more range in open terrain than in areas with many high buildings.)

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Finding Channels

→The GMR1636-2 radio boasts a channel scan feature that lets you easily scan all 22 channels (15 GMRS, 7 FRS). When an active channel is detected, the unit pauses on that channel until the channel is clear. After a two-second delay, the radio will continute scanning. Pressing the PTT (aka Push to Transmit) button while the scan is paused on a channel will allow you to transmit on that channel.

Headset Jack

→A headset jack allows you to listen to radio chatter even when you're trying not to scare away your prized prey, or when you otherwise need to be quiet.

Call Tone and Roger Beep

→A call tone and roger beep helps you know when transmissions to and from someone are beginning or ending. The GMR1636-2 features both, and you can turn the roger beep off if you'd prefer.

Rechargeable AAA Battery Power

→GMR1636-2 radios are powered by three AAA batteries. Rechargeable AAAs for each radio are included, along with an AC adapter for easy charging (the batteries are charged right in the radio). You can also power with standard alkaline batteries--keep a few as backups and you'll be covered if you run out of juice.

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