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Uniden Waterproof Two 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkie 28 Mile Range

Uniden Waterproof Two 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkie 28 Mile Range


Please read before buying this product!
The range that a two-way radio advertises is the range that the radio should get in "ideal" conditions. Ideal conditions are line of sight, such as from a mountaintop to a valley below -- no interference at all. Most likely, you will not be using the radios in these circumstances! You will probably want two-way radios for things such as hunting, skiing, malls, car trips or vacations. Under these normal conditions, the range of the radio will be limited because of obstructions, such as trees, hills, or buildings. These obstructions block the signal and dramatically reduce the range of a two-way radio.
Please do some online research first before making a decision to buy this product.
We will not allow product returns when the buyers are not satisfied with the advertised maximum signal range.

Uniden Waterproof Two 2 Way Radios Walkie Talkie 28 Mile Range

○28 Mile Range - Range will vary with terrain and other conditions.
○Waterproof - JIS 2 Protects from damage from water spray.
○22 Channels - Allows you to talk on all available channels.
○121 Privacy Codes - Helps prevent interference from other users on the same channel.
○Backlit LCD Display - Makes it easy to see the channel selection in the dark.
○Battery Strength Meter
○Hands-Free Operation (VOX) - HS910, HS915, or ZA133 (optional)
○Keypad Lock
○Channel Scan
○Channel Monitor
○5 Call Tones
○Roger Beep


  • J1S4 compliant waterproof means it will work well in rainy weather and damp environments
  • 7 FRS, 15 GMRS and 121 privacy codes give you plenty of options and less interference from other users
  • The charging kit that comes with the Uniden GMR 2838-2CK keeps your radio ready for action
  • Scan helps you find others in your area
  • Talk to people up to 28 miles away
  • FRS/GMRS two-way radios with 22 Channels (15 GMRS, 7 FRS) and 121 privacy codes, 28-mile range
  • Waterproof to rigid J1S4 standards--perfect for use in rain and damp environments
  • Powered by rechargeable NiMH battery packs; dual drop-in charger/adapter included
  • Five call tones and selectable roger beep; headset jack for VOX or PTT-type headset operation

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