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TR TR880 FX Collapsible Road Distance Measuring Wheel Tape Measure

TR TR880 FX Collapsible Road Distance Measuring Wheel Tape Measure


TR TR880 FX Collapsible Road Distance Measuring Wheel Tape Measure


  • Easily and accurately measure up to 9,999 feet in a variety of work environments
  • Wheels are 6 inches in diameter
  • Handle length is adjustable from 1' 3" to 3', making it a portable solution for distance measuring
  • Extremely convenient reset button and carrying bag
  • Built with care - Ergonomic grip, smooth wheels, and heavy duty quality
  • Storage Bag

Works on All Kinds of Surfaces

→ TR Industrial built this measuring wheel to take on gravel, dirt, grass, and whatever kind of material you might need to use it on. It's ready when you are.

It's Built With Care

→ It's easy on your hands with its ergonomic grip, rolls nicely with its smooth wheel, and it is built with heavy-duty quality to withstand harsher environments.

Super Convenient

→ The handle can be collapsed or extended anywhere from 1' 3" to 3' tall. It comes with an easy-to-use reset button and a slick TR Industrial bag so that you can store it once you're done!

Features That Make Your Life Easier


Reliable Accuracy

Extensive testing on various surfaces and customer feedback have proven the accuracy of the TR Industrial measuring wheel. You deserve to have reliable accuracy the first time around, and that's what you get with this measuring wheel.


Easy To Use

Intuitive as can be, you simply set the measuring wheel on the ground in front of you and start walking. The measuring dial is large and easy to read. Hit the reset button whenever you want to restart measuring again.


True Convenience

While it's comfortable to walk with at 3' tall, it's easily portable since you can collapse it down to 1' 3". It's also easy to store in its designated bag whenever it's not being used.

Product description:

This measuring wheel makes it easy to measure distance up to9,999 feet in a variety of work environments. It is quite portable with 6 inch wheels and a handle that is adjustable from 1' 3" to 3'. It has a very handy reset button and carrying bag. This unit is built with care; it includes an ergonomic grip on the handle, smooth wheels for rolling about, and heavy duty quality for long-term durability.

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