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T.Smile 3rd Generation Evolutionary Clean Dental Flossers Floss Kit with Handle + 100 Tightened 2-Strand Refills


This evolutionary flosser features tightened 2-strand floss which increases the tension of both strings and the surface area cleaned, doubles the efficiency of flossing.
An ergonomic handle design is included to provide comfort while cleaning, with a patented mechanism to easily attach/remove the refill head. Angled at an optimal 135 degrees, the floss reaches every crevice between your teeth.
Frequent flossing removes plaque from teeth in areas that can't be reached by brushing, and is an important step in your oral care routine.
This item comes with 100 ( tightened 2-strand ) refillable heads, plus 1 long handle ( length: 6.3 inches ) .

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