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Sleep Restoration Contoured Eye Mask

Sleep Restoration Contoured Eye Mask


Sleep Restoration Contoured Eye Face Mask With Moldex Ear Plugs


  • COMPLETELY BLOCKS OUT ALL LIGHT – Block out sunlight, lamplight or any other unwanted light source. Fall asleep quickly and enjoy the blissful, uninterrupted REM sleep necessary to refresh and revitalize your body and mind.
  • DURABLE & HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Carefully and mindfully crafted in polyester fabric, our sleep mask is durable, reliable and long-lasting.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE CONTOURED DESIGN – Our patented lightweight, contoured design provides a comfortable and eye-pressure-free experience, allowing you to drift off into REM sleep with ease. Best of all, there is no contact with your eyelids or eyelashes!
  • FREE EAR PLUGS INCLUDED - Your sleep mask package includes a pair of Moldex Ear Plugs so not only will you experience the complete darkness your mask provides, you’ll also protect your ears and enjoy peace and quiet!
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN – One size fits all! Our adjustable Velcro design allows you to adjust until that strap fits perfectly and pleasantly on your face!

Are you struggling with sleep? Problem solved! 

→The Sleep Restoration Sleep Mask is here to help you relax, rejuvenate, and restore your body! Enjoy a healthier lifestyle by improving your sleep today with this innovative, patented contour-designed sleeping mask. Wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested, enjoying perks like increased energy and a sharper memory. 

→Do bright streetlights keep you from drifting off into that blissful state of sleep you crave? Are you searching for a solution to keep the sun from interrupting your afternoon naps? Your search is over! Our innovative contoured sleep mask helps you experience a better sleep cycle by providing the complete darkness necessary for uninterrupted REM sleep, whether you are tucked in for the night, or taking an afternoon cat-nap.

→Our shapely design provides the freedom to open your eyes and blink easily. Our sleep mask doesn't touch any part of your eyelid or eyelashes! Its contoured construction eliminates uncomfortable eye pressure, allowing you to relax and quickly drift off to sleep. And, it won't even smudge your makeup! It is lightweight, easily washable, and perfect for traveling. We've even thrown in a FREE pair of ear plugs to help you achieve that peaceful balance of darkness and silence! 

→Our mask is ideal for men, women and children. Use it for traveling, afternoon naps, bedtime, and much more! Don't wait to reap the benefits of peaceful sleep with the Sleep Restoration Sleep Mask.

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