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Santamedical TENS

Santamedical TENS


Santamedical TENS Nerve Muscle Stimulator ElectroTherapy Pain

About the product:

  • Six Auto Modes (stimulation programs) , Fully-adjustable Speed and Intensity, High Frequency stimulation to relieve pain
  • 4 Attachment pads included, Power: DC 6V (4 AAA batteries included)
  • Best unit for Stress, Muscle Soreness, Stiffness, or Chronic Pain. The Simplest Tens Pulse Massager Is Also the Most Advanced
  • LCD shows massage style, intensity and time remaining; Three selectable massages
  • Small and Lightweight - At only 5.3 ounce, is no bigger than a remote control, , this unit packs enough power to thoroughly massage your body, but can travel with you anywhere you like

Product description:

Tens therapy is one of the most effective systems for managing chronic pain, especially muscle and joint pain. Innovative and delightful at the same time, the Tens unit is great for electrotherapy that calms nerves and muscles in one go. Perfect for those who hit the gym regularly or face habitual muscle pains or chronic muscular conditions.

  • Intuitive Design makes the Tens unit a breeze to use
  • Use on two areas or two people at same time

Sophisticated technology, yet simple to use!

Santamedical Tens Pain Relief Back, Neck, and more

A stress-stopping machine.

Takes care of muscles, seamlessly banishing soreness and stiffness.

Treat pain in the knee, calf, thigh, elbow, arm, neck, shoulder, wrist, hand, lower and upper back, and much more.

Santamedical Tens Massager Electrical Pulse

Designed for use all over the body.

Use one channel for a small region or both channels at the same time for wide area treatment.

Offers the choice of massage location and treatment intensity levels.

Santamedical Tens Unit Setup Easy to Use

Choose from 5 automatic programmed massage settings for best comfort.

Turn the Intensity dial to 1, press one of the Auto Program buttons, or press a Function button to start.

Change its functions on the fly for 'Waist', 'Shoulder', 'Hand-Leg', and more via clearly labeled buttons.

Santamedical Tens Pain Relief Positions Chart

Apply two or four of the reusable supplied pads at one time.

Massage the body and take the unit with you wherever you go.

Light and portable. The unit weighs only 5.3-ounces. It's as light as a remote control, yet incredibly more powerful!

Treats lower back aches, a leading pain for most people.

The programmed 'Waist' massage feature will sooth and minimize pain.

Use the "Knead' feature for a deeper massage to relieve knots

Relieve tight and sore neck and shoulder muscles.

The 'Shoulder' feature is specifically programmed for the neck and shoulder region.

'Massage' feature relaxes this tension area.

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