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RuBiWo Fruit Pineapple Corer Slicer Stainless Steel Cutter Peeler

RuBiWo Fruit Pineapple Corer Slicer Stainless Steel Cutter Peeler



  • GET YOUR 10 YEARS CHILD TO CORE and SERVE FRESH PINEAPPLE FRUIT In FRACTION OF TIM. Super easy to use & turns the hassle of cutting pineapples into a fun experience! Makes awesome pineapple bows/cup. Easy for 1 person to core pineapple, smooth pineapple cutting with little or no pressure, Cores and slices with a simple twisting motion.
  • FRESH PINEAPPLE FRUIT FOR LIFE, Speeds up a usually messy job. Work perfectly with the ripest pineapple in the market. Being creative in the kitchen is experience you will not forget. Use the pineapple shell as a serving vessel for a fruit salad or any type of dish, use as fancy part mug, centerpiece for the table or buffet
  • USER FRIENDLY, you can easily figure how to use it Eliminate waste & Mess and Safe to Use & Clean-Enjoy the Richness of Pineapple. you can purchase a whole pineapples anytime you feel like! Easy to clean, rust resistant, dishwasher safe. NOTE: please disassemble before you put it into DISHWASHER, do NOT put the BLACK HANDLE into dishwasher

Easy to Use, Eliminate waste & Mess and Safe to Use & Clean-Enjoy the Richness of Pineapple Fruit

  1. Peeling, coring and slicer pineapple takes several minutes if not hour
  2. Danger of hurting oneself with knife is always associated with coring pineapple
  3. The dreadfulness of peeling and coring pineapple deprive many of us the experience of the richness of fresh pineapple
  4. Pineapples cannot be cored without so many mess to clean up

We believe that you need a reliable peeler you can use every gathering without be turned you down.

We want you to have your delicious pineapple plate quickly and easy.

Get Your 8 Years Child To Core and Serve Fresh Pineapples Fruit in Less Than 3 Minutes!!!

GET KIDS involved in KITCHEN PREP with this simple, safe, and effective RuBiWo Pineapple Corer. This will be an awesome addition to your kitchen gadget arsenal . Freshness is the key and like always having the right tool for the job will always get you the best results- It becomes so exciting and fun when Kids are part of it.

The 6 Fun Steps to Enjoy Fresh Pineapple Fruit

Slicing a pineapple will never be a chore with RuBiWo Pineapple Corer. This stainless steel pineapple slicer will peel, core, and slice a fresh pineapple in a fraction time with six steps. Removes perfectly formed rings while leaving the core in the shell. Elegant design for anyone to just grip, turn and slice.

Step 1: Get ride of the head

Step 2: 360' Rotating

Step 3: Take out the tool

Step 4: Press the button

Step 5: Take out the pineapple fruit

Step 6: Finish ready to serve

Why You Should Chose RuBiWo Pineapple Corer 

  • Easy to Use; With few twists of the black handle after fixing it on the tube with the circular blade at the bottom you have cored and sliced your pineapple.
  • SaveTime; it does both coring and slicing at same time.
  • Neat; It eliminates the mess associated with coring pineapple.
  • Eliminate waste; It leaves awesome shell you can use to serve rice, drink, fruit etc
  • Safe to Use and Clean; RuBiwo pineapple corer is dishwasher friendly and assembling and re-assembling is very easy
  • Durable; Constructed with sturdy japaness stainless steel and ABS plastice for Durability

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