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PowerBear Note 4 4500mAh Extended Battery Case Samsung Galaxy

PowerBear Note 4 4500mAh Extended Battery Case Samsung Galaxy


O BEYOND YOUR POWER: Keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 charged with the Galaxy Note 4 battery case. Up to 140% extra power in the sleek travel charger. A great source of energy on the go when you need it the most. This Note 4 battery case has a high capacity that gives you power all day long. Don't worry about keeping your phone charged with PowerBear's Note 4 external battery case and GO BEYOND YOUR POWER!
DUAL CHARGING COMPATIBLE: The Samsung Note 4 battery case is equipped with Smart Dual Charge Technology. This allows you to charge your smartphone while you charge your PowerBear Note 4 extended battery case. Use just one USB cable to charge and sync your phone device with any PC or Mac computer. We make it easy to charge your Note 4 and the charging case simultaneously.
EASY TO USE: Hold the sleek ON/OFF button on the PowerBear battery case Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to turn the case ON and OFF whenever you need the extra power. This battery case Galaxy Note 4 is easy enough to use for everyday and reliable enough to be there for you during emergencies. The top performer in the electronics and accessories market on, the built-in power bank in this case for Samsung Note 4 will ensure overall easy access and performance.
DESIGNED TO PROTECT: Make your phone look amazing with the sleek, slim, and durable design, while keeping easy access to all your phone's features. Engineered to protect your smartphone from falls and tumbles. Internal specifically designed electronics protect your phone from overcharging as well. The Note 4 battery pack also includes a Screen Protector to guard your screen from scratches, scuffs, and damages.

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