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PowerBear Note 3 Extended Battery 7500mAh Samsung Galaxy Black

PowerBear Note 3 Extended Battery 7500mAh Samsung Galaxy Black



  • GO BEYOND YOUR POWER: Increase your battery power with the PowerBear Galaxy Note 3 Extended Battery. A high capacity battery with up to 230% capacity of the standard battery for your smartphone. Replace your existing smart phone battery with a stronger, larger battery that is guaranteed to last 2.3X longer than your original battery. An excellent source of portable extra battery power, the Extended Battery for Galaxy Note 3 gives you the ability to Go Beyond Your Power!
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR POWER: With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extended Battery, you have the ability to increase your battery capacity drastically. Compared to the existing standard battery capacity of your device, you can more than double your battery power. This Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Extended Battery gives your phone battery the strength it needs to last all day, and then some. Included in the packaging is an Extended Battery along with an Extended Battery Cover.
  • EASY TO USE: This Note 3 Extended Battery is extremely easy to install and use. After turning off your device, just remove the back cover of your smart phone along with your current battery. Simply pop in the Extended Battery for Note 3 and replace your existing back cover with the PowerBear extended back cover. Now you will have access to 2.3X the power for your mobile device.
  • GRADE A+ BATTERY CELLS: The Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 uses Grade A+ rated battery cells with CE and ROHS certification. Each battery comes with a special chip to protect your smart phone from over-heating, short-circuit, over charging or over discharging. Each Extended Battery for Samsung Note 3 battery is designed to last over 500 repeated battery charge cycles.


  • The Note 3 extended battery is designed to deliver 100 hours of extra charge.
  • Created from certified Grade A+ battery cells providing a high capacity of 7,500 mAh.
  • High quality standard testing with approvals from FCC, RoHS, and CE.
  • Fail proof built-in IC that monitors temperature and input to protect you and your phone.
  • Sturdy and stylish back-piece and protective cover to keep your device looking elegant and sleek!

- Battery Capacity: 7,500 mAh
- Battery Type: Li-Ion
- Input/Output: 3.8V/1A
- Battery Dimensions: 3.1 x 2.1 x 0.4 inches
- Weight: 4.9 ounces

- 1 7,500 mAh Extended Battery
- 1 Hard Back Cover
- 1 Protective Case
- 1 Screen Protector

The Note 3 extended battery is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy Note 3 models, including: NOTE III, N9000, N9005, N900V, N900T, N900A, N900P. Only use this product with the original manufacturer charge cable. Cheap generic cables have shown to cause issues with functionality and circuitry.

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