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Pantone Color Cue TX Matching Guide Capture Densitometer

Pantone Color Cue TX Matching Guide Capture Densitometer


the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today introduced PANTONE Color Cue® TX, a portable, affordable, handheld color sensor that allows designers, manufacturers, architects and contractors in the interior design industry to save time and money when capturing color inspiration. By clicking on any color sample, Color Cue TX instantly identifies the closest number and name from the cotton or paper version of the PANTONE for architecture and interiors color palette, the industry's premier color system. It also provides formulas for reproduction in sRGB, HTML and Lab values for Web and design applications by way of a simple scrolling feature, and even records the last ten colors measured for later reference.

"With just a click, the user of the PANTONE Color Cue TX can identify the closest PANTONE for architecture and interiors color from any surface or material, whether it's an upholstery swatch, a carpet pom or any item providing inspiration," explained Lisa Herbert, executive vice president of Home, Fashion and Interiors at Pantone.

"It's small, lightweight and sleek, and is powered by a standard nine-volt battery," Herbert continued. "Moreover, it drastically reduces the time for color identification. It's perfect to take on buying trips, eliminating the need for costly sample purchases."

The PANTONE for architecture and interiors system allows designers to connect different categories within the industry, including flooring, leather, fabrics, carpet, furniture and laminates. The System consists of over 1,900 colors in cotton, paper and digital formats.

"Color Cue TX is an exceptional tool for matching various materials on a project," said Jeffrey Brite, director of product development at Gensler, a leading global design firm. "For example, when a designer needs to find a fabric to match a particular carpet shade, he or she simply clicks the Color Cue TX on the carpet to identify the closest PANTONE Color. The designer can then give that color reference to fabric suppliers for sampling, reducing the time and sample quantities required within the workflow process. Color Cue TX is a remarkable breakthrough for the design profession."

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