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Panasonic EH2513P-P

Panasonic EH2513P-P


Panasonic EH2513P-P Whiteheads Blackheads Face Pore Cleaner Suction

About the product:

  • This pore cleanser can help maintain clean, healthy, radiant looking skin. 
  • Its deep penetrating suction cleanses below the surface to effectively help prevent breakouts. 
  • No more squeezing, pulling or injuring your skin.

Other information:

  • Emits Nanoe -Remove pore impurities thoroughly
  • Continuous 8 hours emission-Ensure secure suction cap & steady operation
  • Movable nozzle 0 to 40 degrees - Use in the shower for greater effectiveness
  • With suction power (50 kPa) to remove pore impurities thoroughly
  • Continuous mist spray to ensure secure suction cup and steady operation

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