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Oral-B Nighttime Dental Mouth Guard Microwavable Custom Teeth Grinding Bruxism with Scope Mint Flavor 1 Size


About this item
An affordable Over-The-Counter and Custom Moldable Dental Guard, manufactured in an FDA Audited USA Facility
Compare to a guard, customized and purchased in a Dentist’s Office, at typically $300-$500
LESS THAN 3 MINUTES for a custom fit! A simple Microwave process, in the comfort of your home, results in a custom guard designed to protect individuals that suffer from bruxism, that anxiety-induced nighttime clenching and grinding of the teeth. It’s intended to reduce damage to the teeth and to prevent the noise associated with grinding
Unique BPA Free and Latex Free material
A pleasant Original Scope Mint Flavor instead of the common plastic tasting guards
One-Size-Fits-All, because, everyone’s teeth are different, this Oral-B Guard has been designed for a THIN and easily customized fit for best results and comfort
Includes: Guard, Impression Tray, and convenient Storage Case
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - be confident with this Oral-B Guard, customized, durable protection for comfortable and safe nighttime teeth grinding protection

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