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Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Alvita Pedometer Calorie Steps Distance Counter

Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Alvita Pedometer Calorie Steps Distance Counter


About the product:
  • 4 activity modes: tracks steps, aerobic steps, distance & calories burned
  • Tri-axis Technology counts steps accurately no matter where it is positioned
  • Automatic reset each day
  • Stores up to 7 days of information
  • Includes holder
  • Tracks steps, aerobic steps (i.e. healthy steps), distance walked and calories burned
  • Features smart sensor technology so it won't miscount steps
  • Keeps an accurate step count in any position–flat, vertical or horizontal
  • Resets automatically at midnight for the most precise daily count
  • Maintains a weekly log by storing seven days of activity data

Alvita Optimized Pedometer

Alvita means lively. It’s how we hope you feel, how you act, how you live, all the time. And when it comes to staying fit, the Omron Alvita Optimized Pedometer not only helps you walk the walk, but jog the jog and run the run.

Whatever activity you want to monitor, this pedometer can handle it. It knows the difference between normal walking steps and more brisk steps, counting both separately. Plus, it can tell you how many calories you've burned to help motivate you further.

Walk with purpose

Your health is important, so you probably want to concentrate more on your fitness plan than your pedometer. Just clip this on your hip or place in a pocket and you’re good to go.

  • Tracks steps, aerobic steps, steps per minute (pitch), distance and calories burned
  • Tri-Axis technology keeps an accurate count in almost any position–flat, vertical or horizontal
  • Includes holder so you can clip almost anywhere
  • Displays 7 day’s activity on display
  • Automatic reset at midnight helps you easily track your daily steps and distance

Key features


A little motivation goes a long way. Increase your total number of steps a day by 2,000 or about 1 mile when using a pedometer or tracker.


Experts recommend walking 10,000 steps a day, or around 5 miles to lose weight. Most average about 4,500 steps so hitting 10,000 may be easier than you think.

Calories burned

Just walking 15 minutes a day, every day, can burn an average of 420 calories per week (or roughly 3 cupcakes worth).

Aerobic steps

What's the difference between regular steps and aerobic steps? Anything over 60 steps/minute counts as aerobic steps, and it's that kind of activity that helps you stay healthy.

Product description:

While you focus on your fitness plan, the Omron Alvita Optimized Pedometer will keep track of your activity level. This compact device tracks steps, aerobic steps, pitch, distance and calories burned. Plus, it automatically resets at midnight, provides a 7-day activity display and counts in flat, vertical or horizontal position. Just clip this pedometer on your hip or place it in a pocket and you're good to go.

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