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Omron Electrotherapy 2-pc Pads

Omron Electrotherapy 2-pc Pads


Omron Electrotherapy Long Life 2-Pieces Pads TENS EMS

About the product:

  • Pre-gelled, self-stick pads are comfortable and soft.
  • 2.5 inches x 4 inches for multiple pains.
  • Compatible with Omron Electrotherapy Units only.
    Product description:
    Omron's Long Life Pads are durable, comfortable and gently adhere to your skin. They are versatile and designed to adhere to all areas of the body—including knees and elbows. The electrode cords snap easily into place on each pad. Our extensive testing and research has shown that Long Life Pads may be reused up to 150 times or for five months.

    Use and Care

    Good up to 150 Uses, Washable up to 10 Times

    Here's how to get started:

    • Remove and discard plastic film from pads.
    • Connect either electrode to any pad.
    • Place pads only on normal, intact, dry, clean, and healthy skin.
    • In between uses, keep cord connected to the pads and place pads on the pad holder with the adhesive side down onto each side of the holder.
    • Wrap the cord around the pad holder and store in a cool, dry place.

    Pad Placement Guide

    Lower Back

    Attach both pads on the lower back with the backbone in the center. Do not place on the backbone or the spine.


    Attach both pads on the shoulder according to your pain.


    Attach both pads on either side of the area with pain.

    Upper Arm - Elbow

    Attach both pads on either side of the region or joint where you feel pain.

    Ankle – Foot

    Attach pads on the left for pain on the outside of your ankle/foot. Attach the pads on the right for pain on the inside of your ankle/foot. (Do not place on the bottom of both feet at the same time).


    Attach both pads on the calf/leg where you feel pain. (Do not place electrode pads on both legs at the same time).


    Attach both pads above the knee or above and below the joint with pain.


    Attach one pad below and above the region in pain, both on the same side (not on the spine).

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