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NutriONN Colostrum 30 IgG Non-GMO for GI Tract Health Immune Support Bone Muscle 1000mg 120 Capsules


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GI TRACT HEALTH - Immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and growth factors present in Colostrum promote healthy intestinal microbiome and gastrointestinal function.
EXTRA POTENT 30 IGG FORMULA - Our bovine colostrum formula contains at least 30 of IgG - immunoglobulins that give Colostrum its powerful properties.
100 FIRST MILKING and LOW HEAT PROCESSED - NutriONN Colostrum is exclusively from the first milking of US dairy cows and is processed at low heat to ensure the bioavailability of all the immunoglobulins and proteins present in the formula.
SUPPORTS HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM - Our formula contains high concentrations of immunoglobulins, Proline-rich Peptides (PRPs) and naturally occurring growth factors that support balanced immune response and promote skin and bone health.

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