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Nintendo Wii Infrared Sensor Bar Wired Replacement Part

Nintendo Wii Infrared Sensor Bar Wired Replacement Part


About the product:

This Wii Infrared Ray Inductor is one of the hottest accessories to go with the Nintendo Wii system. A Wii Remote controller can be used from 6 to 10 feet away. The sensor bar is able to receive infrared signal from the Nintendo Wii Console and is the perfect replacement for a broken receiver. Compatible with: Nintendo Wii. Color: Black. Package includes: 1 X Wired Infrared Sensor Bar for Nintendo Wii. Features designed for receiving the infrared signal from the Wii console. Easy and convenience to use. Fix the holder in the TV set top. Infrared Ray Inductor Sensor Bar For Nintendo Wii. Inset the inductor in the Sensor bar of the Wii console. Only need connect the inductor's plug to the Wii console. Package Include:1 x Wired Sensor Bar For Nintendo Wii Put the inductor inside the holder, then it can be used. Tear off the two-sided of holder. With a stand under the inductor help to support the inductor.

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