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Mudder WM-01

Mudder WM-01


Mudder WM-01 Digital Wood Moisture Meter Tester

About the product:

  • The MT-10 is a pin moisture meter that is made for direct insertion into materials in order to measure the amount of moisture present within the material. The sharp pins are made to make insertion as simple as possible and values are relayed via the LCD screen on the front of the tester.
  • Backlit screen for use in poor lighting conditions
  • Auto shut down when left idle in order to conserve the battery life

Display: Large LCD characters display
Measurement principle: Electrical Resistance
Range: Wood: 0~99.9%
Resolution: 0.1%
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Electrode pin length: 10mm(0.4")
Electrode pins: Integrated
Auto Power OFF: After approx.15 minutes
Power Supply: 1 X 9V 6F22 battery (not included)
Instrument Enclosures: ABS plastic
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 ℃ (32℉ to 104 ℉)
Operating Humidity: 85% Relative Humidity Maximum
Dimensions: 145 X 60X 30mm (5.7" X 2.6" X 1.3")

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