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Mudder TDS 0-9990ppm Temperature

Mudder TDS 0-9990ppm Temperature


Mudder TDS Meter 0-9990ppm and Temperature Water Tester

Product description:
Dual TDS Meter allows you to measure TDS and Temperature level, at any time and any places.

How to Calibrate:
The meter take Virtual resistor calibration, It is convenient. In normal, it doesn't need to calibrate. If you want more accurate, you can calibrate it follow below:
Step 1: You need one accurate meter as sample, and make up 342ppm NaCl solution (or you can use the TDS calibration fluid)
Step 2:Pull sample meter and this meter in 342ppm NaCl solution, set this meter
Step 3: Hold TEMP button 3-5 second until the record flash on the screen
Step 4: TEMP button is down, and HOLD button is up, adjust the record the same as the sample meter


  • Once the readout stabilizes(in 10 second),hold button to view out of the water
  • If the tester displays a flashing "X10" icon, multiply the reading by 10
  • Don't drop the entire tester in the water or dip beyond the maximum 2" level
  • Tester is not meant to be used in hot water (More than 99 degrees)
  • How to Clear: Press "ON/OFF" twice, clear the data for each test, if you want test continuously

Measure Range: 0-9990 ppm; 0-99°C; 32-212°F
Accuracy: 2% full scale, ±2℉; ±1℃
Auto shut-off: 10 minutes
Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0-50℃/ 122℉
Battery: 2 X 1.5V (LR44 Included)
Size: 156 X 30X20 mm/6 X1.2 X0.8 inch
Package include: 1 TDS meter, 1 Instruction (new packing or old packing shipped randomly)

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