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Molicare MI-M681 Air Compressor Nebulizer for Atomizer


Medical compressed nebulizer through cavitation effect, scatter liquid in gas phase, become liquid, Product main performance and characteristic:

1.Adopt high efficiency oilree compressed pump, wear resistant and high heat resistance ,

long life and good stability.

2.Finalize the special atomization cup for Medical compressed nebulizer

3.Ultra work temperature , can finish nebulization easily

4.Low operation nose, about 60 decibels when work

5.Vaporific particle is superfine, average is below the 5?m, inhalation is comfortable for body,

and have excellent results

6.Do nebulization in home, don't use go hospital

medicine i nto vaporific particle (aerosol). Through inhalation, directly affect on respiratory symptoms, utilizing

this technology, the amount of aerosol is large, and the droplet is small (0.5~5? m) and homogeneous. W hen

inhaled, deeply reach alveolus and bronchus, make liquid medicine deposit in the bottom of respiratory tract,

achieve the purpose of health care and treatment .

S cope of application : Medical compressed nebulizer is suitable for treatment of asthma, chronic lung

disease and other respiratory illness , mainly was used in family health care, can be used by adults, children

or infants sufferer s.

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