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Luckywoof Ultrasonic Dog Whistle High Pitch Pet Training Clicker

Luckywoof Ultrasonic Dog Whistle High Pitch Pet Training Clicker


TRAIN YOUR DOG YOURSELF – Dog training is not only for rich people that afford dog schools and professional dog trainers. You can do a great job yourself through positive reinforcement training, building a great relationship with your dog. All you need is just a few minutes a day, dog treats and the Luckywoof dog whistle and dog clicker set
WORKS REGARDLESS OF BREED – No matter if your dog is a Poodle, Border Collie, Gun Dog, German Shepherd, Bulldog, Terrier, Rottweiler, Dachshund, Huskie, or another breed, you can make sure he obeys your commands and acquires basic manner skills. Silent dog whistles are also perfect for working dogs such as shepherding dogs or hunting dogs
RELIABLE RECALL – Make your dog come to you, no matter which room in the house the dog happens to be in at the time, all without disturbing the other members of the household. It also works outdoors when the dog has strayed a distance or may be out of sight. Your dog will come without you having to yell, provided that you adjust the frequency beforehand
START THE TRAINING STRAIGHT AWAY - We send a Free Dog Training Tips And Tricks E-Book to all our clients. You will learn more about how to use both the ultrasonic whistle and the dog clicker in order to achieve the results that you desire, all without harming your dog

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