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Learn & Climb Stay-In-Bed Kids Child Educational Alarm Clock Toy

Learn & Climb Stay-In-Bed Kids Child Educational Alarm Clock Toy


Product description

Teach Your Children to Stay in Bed

Do you want to teach your child to stay in bed in the morning and get some extra sleep? This is a wonderful early learning aid to help teach your children when it is time to get up and for parents to get some much needed rest. The cute kiddies stay in bed clock has an amazing color changing feature and although kids may not be able to tell the time, they quickly learn that when the color changes to green, they can get up.

The Greatest Invention to Help Kids Sleep

The alarm clock for kids has been hailed as one of the best sleeping aids for children ever invented. Using proven teaching techniques, the soft, ambient tones of the nightlight help comfort kids and send children off into dreamland and when they wake up they normally nap until it changes green.

The great, fun design gives the kiddies clock a personality that they will adore and with the easy alarm settings, it is simple to use. There’s a nightlight and snooze button, even a nap time countdown and speaker. The kiddies personal clock comes with all the necessary features to help teach your kids a sleep routine so everyone gets a better night’s sleep.

Product Benefits & Features

4 Color-changing alarm clock
Soft, ambient nightlight
Easy programmable alarm settings
Snooze button
LCD time display
Nap time countdown
Built-in speaker
Size; 5.5 inches x 4.5 inches
USB cable, included
Or use 3 AA batteries, not included

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