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Kingsdun 25-pc iPhone 4 5 6 Android Cell Phone Pry Repair Tool Kit Screwdriver

Kingsdun 25-pc iPhone 4 5 6 Android Cell Phone Pry Repair Tool Kit Screwdriver



  • New 25pcs repair opening tool kit for cell phone, ipad , laptop and other mobile device
  • Allows you to remove or disassemble your mobile devices without damage to the tablet or phone cover.
  • 5 star pentalobe screw driver made just for the iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6.
  • Cleaning cloth and SIM card opener included
  • Easily to Carry and Storage
Kingsdun 25pcs Universal Screen Removal Precision Torx Screwdriver Set Repair Tool kit for iPhone 6s Android PhonesThis is a complete tool kit for iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6, Android smart phones,Ipad, laptop,Macbook and other electronic devices repairing,cleaning.
With this complete repair tool kit, you don't have to send your phones and other devices to repairing shops, you can save your money and fix them by yourself.

Kingsdun is a professional provider of precision tools. The products are widely used in communications equipment, intelligent mobile phones, tablet computers, walkie talkie, game machine, MINI PC, shaver, watches and other sophisticated electronic equipment. We focuses on providing our customer creative, high-quality products and best service.

Product Features:

  • Material : Steel and Plastic, 100% New and good quality,they're sturdy and durable for long time  use.
  • Packed with sturdy zipper bag , Portable, Easy to carry and store,  they are very convenient and necessary repair tool Kit to use at home and work place.
  • Save your money and this repair tools help to repair your cellphones and other devices by yourself easily
  • 7-piece mini and light precision screwdriver sets that can be widely used for your repairing,cleaning for cellphones,game console,camera,laptop and computers.
  • Magnetic Precision Screwdriver Sets
  • Varies of pry bars, scrapers , metal spudgers that help to open your devices easily without any damage
  • Complete and professional repair tool kit, almost all the tools that you will need for your repairs.
  • Buy 25pcs with price of 1.
  • Package Dimensions: 7.5x3.9x1.4 inch
  • Quantity: 25 pieces
  • Good quality zipper bag packed, not easy to get torned on carry, and Package gross weight: 7.4 oz , (210g)

Package Details:

1x 0.8 Pentaloble Precision screwdriver( Black ),  1x 1.2 Pentaloble  Precision Screwdriver ( Blue)
3xPhillips Screwdriver sizes :1.2,1.5,2.0, x1 Flathead/Slotted screwdriver: 2.0
2xTorx screwdriver Torx sizes :T4,T5,T6
1x Tri-wing Screwdriver (Red )
2x suction cups: a big green suction cup and a red one
2x blue plastic triangular tools
1x SIM CARD Tray Ejector Pin 1 x Adhesive
1x blue plastic pry tools
1x green Double-headed plastic pry tools
1x metal Double-headed pry bar and 1 x Guitar paddle
1x clean cloth (Used to keep your mobile device clean)
2 x Scrapers
1x blue Pry Tool Spudger
1x metal tweezer
1x big blue Arched dual head pry tool(The dual tip is a little sharp, please be careful to hold in hand)

Application pictures:

●Power off your cellphone
●Use SIM card ejector pin to take out your sim card
●Open iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6 easliy with the small precision screwdriver sets
●Use pry tools or suction cup to open it.
●Start your repairs

●You can use blue plastic pry tool to open your cellphone or other devices without damage
●Help to pry other components and parts

●Big blue Arched dual head pry tool

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