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Kaisi 16-pc iPhone 4 5 6 Android Cell Phone Pry Repair Tool Kit Screwdriver

Kaisi 16-pc iPhone 4 5 6 Android Cell Phone Pry Repair Tool Kit Screwdriver



  • MULTIPURPOSE:Little perfect pepair tool screwdriver set for all sorts of digital products,such as mobile phone-Iphone/Samsung/LG smartphones,PC/computer/laptop/desktop/Macbook/Tablet/iPad,SLR cameras,Xbox and other electronic devices
  • PROFESSION:After long-term designed and tested for many times,we are highly proud to release this screwdriver set great high cost-effective and practical
  • SAVE LABOUR:Anti-slip handle with magnetic tips
  • INDEPENDENCE:With this screwdriver kit,you can easily to repair your devices by yourself.No need to ask help from others
  • PORTABLE:Stored easily as a small box and easy to find

Product description:

Want to know what complete independence feels like, Mr. Do-It-Yourself? With this sixteen-piece, professional-grade tool kit, you'll never need to put your tablet or smart phone's future in the hands of a stranger. Eight different screwdrivers fit the most screw heads commonly used in modern electronics manufacture, and the additional tools help to safely and easily remove the cover from your iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or whatever other electronic device you're repairing. Experience true freedom and save money at the same time with your own sixteen-piece tool kit.

Tool Kit Includes:
1 x T6 Torx Screwdriver
1 x T5 Torx Screwdriver
1 x T4 Torx Screwdriver
1 x 2.0 Flathead Screwdriver
1 x 1.5 Phillips Head Screwdriver
1 x 1.2 Phillips Head Screwdriver
1 x 1.2 Star Screwdriver
1 x 0.8 Star Screwdriver
2 x Triangle Paddle
2 x Mount Bar
1 x Straight Tweezer
1 x Curved Tweezer
1 x Graver
1 x Scraper

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