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Irwin Tools SLT50

Irwin Tools SLT50


Irwin Tools Strait-Line SLT50 Laser Distance Meter Tape Measure

About the product:

  • Rolling tape measure measures interior spaces in feet-inches, inches and meters
  • Calculates usage estimates for paint, wallpaper and flooring purchases
  • 99.95% accuracy, ± 1/16" at 10'

Product description:

If you're looking for precise, 16th-of-an-inch measurements, this is not the tool for you. But within its limits, this is a handy tool for estimating paint, wallpaper, flooring, tiles and other goods based on an area or volume measurement. It measures to the nearest whole inch up to 50 feet, so it's not the tool for the trim carpenter, but a painter will wonder how s/he ever got along without it. It's simple as pie: Just position the base against a flat surface, point at the distance target and press the button. It calculates both area and volume for you and even stores five measurements, so you can just slip it into your pocket when you head to the paint store. We think it'll be indispensable to the carpet and flooring estimator, painters and interior decorators. It needs a 9-volt battery, which isn't included.

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