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Illumivein Portable Red LED Light Vein Finder Transilluminator

Illumivein Portable Red LED Light Vein Finder Transilluminator


Product description
The Illumivein® Vein Finder is a Unique, High Powered Red LED Flashlight that can be used to help anyone locate veins beneath the skin. Its slim and light design makes it extremely easy to carry and ideal for any situation. You will be amazed when you are able to visualize a vein that is invisible to the human eye.

This device is similar to professional Vein Transilluminators or Vein Finders which retail for $200+. For $24.99 you get a device that utilizes the same technology, a ~700 nm light frequency that is naturally absorbed by the blood and casts off a dark, shadow like appearance of deep veins.

How to Use:
STEP 1 Dim the lights as much as possible. A dark room will show the best results. Turn the Illumivein® on by pressing the button on the bottom of the device.

STEP 2 Putting gentle pressure onto the skin with the light, slowly move the device from side to side. Veins will show as a shadow, or dark line, that will appear in the peripheral of the red glow seen around the device. Note: The device must stay in contact with the skin while searching for a vein. Holding the light away from the skin will not show anything!

STEP 3 Once a vein (dark shadow/line) is found, re-position the Illumivein® around the area for the best visual of the vein. If the vein is more superficial to the surface, you may have to move the light source further away as it might be too bright and mask the vein. It is best to follow the path of the vein so that you have a full visual of its size and direction. Note: It is best to find a vein that follows a straight path.

STEP 4 Congratulations! You have found your vein. Results will vary based on a person's anatomy.

Please Note: The Illumivein® is a tool to help you locate veins. It is not intended to replace skill in inserting IVs or blood draw. Results will vary based on a person's unique anatomy. The Illumivein may not work well in all conditions.

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