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Igaging Wheel Marking Gauge

Igaging Wheel Marking Gauge


Igaging Wheel Marking Gauge for Layout Marks Wood

Product description:

Wheel Marking Gauge

This tool allows you to make perfect hairline layout marks both with and across wood grain. The single bevel edge wheel scribes a fine line without tearing the wood fibers and does not wander with the wood's grain.


  • Precision machined solid-brass body and knurled lock nut.
  • Brass head with 8" steel rod
  • Shaft is graduated 1 mm / 1/32 inch increments for easy reference
  • Can be used as a depth gauge
  • Great for quick measurement transfers
  • Wheel retracts into face of the gauge for protection and easy vertical storage
  • Free-spinning wheel cuts wood fibers; doesn't tear them
  • Designed for comfortable one-handed operation
  • Balanced feel

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