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Hampton Radiation Detector

Hampton Radiation Detector


Hampton Microwave Leakage Radiation Detector Tester Monitor

Product features:

  • Simple, Easy to use, Consistent and Accurate results.
  • One hand Operation. No battery required. No calibration needed.
  • Rigid construction, Made of ABS, Aluminum, and Electrical Sensor. No confusing numeric scale.
  • The pointer stays at GREEN (Safety Zone) if there is NO dangerous leak.
  • If a Microwave Leak is detected the pointer will move to the RED (Dander Zone).

Product description:

Check radiation levels in your microwave oven & cook with confidence! Easy to use - place cup of water or food in microwave, cook on 'High' for 1 minute and then move the detector slowly over the edges of the door and the front of the glass! Gauge, with 'Safety' & 'Danger' zones, displays immediate results! No batteries required. CE approved. The dial moves from left to right proportional to the level of microwave leakage encountered at the location. The device does not have an alarm. Simple and cost efficient. Device Measures approximately 2" x 1 3/8" x ¾". NEVER place the device INSIDE a powered on microwave!

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