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Earglasses 2-PC Personal Hearing Ear Sound Magnifiers Amplifiers

Earglasses 2-PC Personal Hearing Ear Sound Magnifiers Amplifiers


Can help to stop arguments about "The TV is too loud" "But I can't hear what they're saying!"
Doesn't need batteries, has no electronics to break down or make noise
Includes latex-free elastic bands to help hold the lenses on your ears
An ALL NATURAL way to boost the sounds that you face

Product description
Do you have trouble hearing softer sounds on television or when listening to music? Earglasses Sound Magnifiers may be an inexpensive solution when your doctor agrees that you are not ready for hearing aids yet. This unique product can even help to improve how conventional "in the ear" hearing aids sound. However, the lenses should not be used with "behind the ear" hearing aids. While most electronic hearing aids and amplifiers can boost sound volumes louder than Earglasses can, our lenses focus their effects in the higher frequencies where people usually first begin to notice a hearing loss.

Earglasses Sound Magnifiers mildly boost the volume of sounds that you face. It’s like cupping your hands behind your ears — only your arms won’t get tired! Get up to twelve decibels of clean volume gain in the mid- to high-frequencies that people tend to lose first. The lenses can also block noise coming at you from your sides or your back.

They act like miniature band shells. Each forms a true acoustic lens that reflects more sound into your ear. This unique product has been protected by two United States utility patents. Over one hundred thousand users enjoyed their benefits. Earglasses Sound Magnifiers are now better than ever.

Use them on one ear or both. They’re easily portable — carry a pair in a pocket or purse. A pair of non-latex elastic bands come with each set, to hold the lenses securely in place. They’re probably the least expensive way in the world to help you to hear more.

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