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Dental Duty 4-PC Mouth Guard Teeth Grinding Bruxism TMJ Clenching

Dental Duty 4-PC Mouth Guard Teeth Grinding Bruxism TMJ Clenching


About the product:
○ COMFORT: Each Dental Duty mouth guard is easily trimmed to fit any mouth size. Can be adapted to fit a wide variety of teeth alignments, tooth sizes & mouth shapes for optimal comfort
○ DENTIST PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Our Mouthguard is the only one on the market that provides users with 4 mouth guards ; 2 different sizes of supreme quality, designed and also BPA FREE
○ MULTI-USE: Dental Duty is an investment you can never regret.3 in 1 Versatility mouthguard for Teeth grinding, Athletic mouth guard & Teething Whitening Tray
○ BEST RETENTION: The ultra-comfort guard relaxes jaw muscles, prevents teeth grinding, clenching and alleviates problems that may cause dental injuries, therefore, it prevents Bruxism and its related symptoms such as facial muscle pain, spasms, neck and joint pain, insomnia, shoulder pain and headaches. The night guard also prevents Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), Prevent clenching and Bruxism.

Professional Dental Guards
→Each package contains four teeth guards, including two different sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for almost every mouth shape. The comfortable night guards prevent teeth grinding, clenching and can be used as a tooth whitening tray. 

Secure Fit
→The night guards can be trimmed down to fit mouths of all sizes, and they easily adapt to different tooth shapes and alignments. They are re-moldable, allowing you to adjust the indentation if your first molding attempt is not providing a tight enough fit, and the design boasts a frenulum notch for improved comfort.

Convenient 3-in-1 Design
→In addition to their primary use as a mouth guard for teeth grinding, the guards can also serve as athletic mouth guards and teeth whitening trays -  instructional DVD included. 

Free Hygiene Case
→Never miss a night without your dental guard with this free hygienic travel case. The case includes a secure closure and anti-bacterial properties so you can take your guard with you for a comfortable night's sleep wherever you are

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