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Dental Care 4-PC Mouth Guard Teeth Grinding Mouthpiece

Dental Care 4-PC Mouth Guard Teeth Grinding Mouthpiece


About the product
DentalCare Labs Anti Teeth Grinding Nightguard is the best on the market
Made Of FDA approved High Quality Materials, Which is BPA & Latex Free
Can Be Used As An Teeth Whitening Tray
Moldable To All Different Mouth Shapes & Teeth Sizes - Fits Upper And Lower Teeth

Customized & Moldable Dental Guards For Excellent Performances

Forget all those guards that simply don’t fit well and ruin your nights in vain.

All 4 of them are moldable and have 2 different sizes, so there is no chance of not finding the one that perfectly fits in your mouth.

No matter what your teeth alignment is, no matter what the size of your mouth is, our guards will fit like a glove.

Use these high quality BPA Free guards, day and night.

Use them as a whitening teeth tray and off you go with your bright smile!

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