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Compound W Dual Power 2-in-1 Treatment Kit for Large Warts Freeze Off & Liquid Wart Remover


Compound W Dual Power 2-in-1 Treatment safely, easily and effectively removes large common and plantar warts
Starts working instantly
2-in-1 treatment contains both a Freeze Off and a Liquid Wart Remover which is more effective than freezing alone
Dual Power 2-in-1 Treatment freezes the wart and usually causes the wart to fall off within 10-14 days
Compound W is #1 most trusted and dermatologist-recommended brand for wart removal treatment
Contains 8 freeze applications, 12 comfort pads, 1 reusable activator handle and 0.31 fl oz liquid wart remover; for use by adults and children 4 years of age or older

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