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CocoDrill Young Coconut Buko Opening Tool

CocoDrill Young Coconut Buko Opening Tool


CocoDrill Young Coconut Buko Opening Opener Knife Holer Tool


  • The BEST Coconut Tool ever! Drink Fresh Raw Coconut Water with all the Health Benefits instead of Pasteurized Packaged cocowater!
  • EASY TO USE- simply Push, Twist, and Drink!
  • SAFE - no more swinging a dangerous knife to get into a Young Coconut, The CocoDrill is SAFE to use
  • DURABLE - Lifetime Warranty!! Stainless Steel Construction is Rugged and Dishwasher Safe
  • EXTRA LARGE HOLE - CocoDrill makes an extra large hole for any size straw, twice the hole size as other coconut tools! - Included cleaning stick for removing husk debris - included safety cap keeps the blade safe

Product description:

SAFE TO USE most people don't drink young coconut water because they don't want to hammer & slice away at a young coconut with a big sharp knife! -that's dangerous! The CocoDrill is SAFE to use

The included cleaning stick is used to clean out the tool after use - and conveniently stores right inside the handle! Also included is a protective cap to keep the blade safe when not in use.

The CocoDrill is a far superior product to any other coconut tool in the world! This tool is much easier to use - has a larger handle, makes a hole twice the size of any other tool, Stainless steel blade never goes dull, Dishwasher Safe and is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

Start enjoying the benefits of Fresh Raw Young Coconut Water TODAY! Pre-Packaged Bottled Coconut water has been Pasteurized,cooked! destroying the vital enzymes & health benefits(some of those products even have artificial additives)- CocoDrill allows you to easily enjoy Fresh Raw Coco Water straight from the source just as nature intended!

Coconut water is rich in essential electrolytes including Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium-High in Fiber and Protein! Low Fat, Cholesterol Free, High in Vitamins & Minerals -Fresh, Raw Coconut water contains zero additives-Low Calorie Refreshing Hydrating Snack

Keep a CocoDrill in the car - Great for on the go snacks!

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