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Carson LO-15 LumiLoupe Plus 17.5X Jeweler Loupe Magnifier Microscope

Carson LO-15 LumiLoupe Plus 17.5X Jeweler Loupe Magnifier Microscope


Product Description

The LumiLoupe Plus series focusing loupes from Carson contain varying magnifications ranging from 6x power (LO-06), 11.5x power (LO-10) and 17.5x power (LO-15). These focusable magnifying eye loupes reveal details you've never seen before in items you look at every day. Focusable, dual lenses allow for examination of objects close up, while a transparent, acrylic base permits ambient light to illuminate your subject for bright, crystal clear viewing. The dual lens focusing system creates higher power and less distortion allowing for clear, super sharp images at multiple distances. These magnifying loupes are great for examining fine details in coins, stamps, film negatives, currencies, photography, wildlife, miniatures and so much more.

17.5x Power Magnification with Dual Lens Focusing Knob | Item Dimensions: 2.0 inch (L) x 2.0 inch (W) x 1.8 inch (H)
Contains Dual Lens Element For Higher Magnification and Less Distortion | Lens Diameter: 0.75 inches
Great for examining intricate details for film negatives, coins, currency, stamps, printing, photography, miniatures, etc.
Focusing ability allows users to achieve a super sharp image at multiple distances | The crystal clear, acrylic lens system allows ambient light to pass through for the brightest and sharpest image possible

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