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Bracoo Postpartum Prenatal Maternity Pregnancy Support Belt Abdominal Wrap

Bracoo Postpartum Prenatal Maternity Pregnancy Support Belt Abdominal Wrap


Bracoo Maternity Belt - Easy to Wear,Adjustable Support for Prenatal or Postpartum Comfort - Pink,One Size


  • GENTLY REDUCES PRESSURE upon the lower back while providing extra support underneath to help cradle the belly; improves general posture and assists muscles around lumbar; reduces the likelihood of uterine prolapse
  • EASY TO ADJUST design provides reliable support with a secondary tightening belt for changes in posture or desired relief
  • 4-WAY STRETCH FABRIC combines mechanical elasticity with soft personalized comfort; features broad Velcro strapping for ease of use & peace of mind; can be worn discretely beneath regular clothing
  • VERSITILE SUPPORT functions as prenatal back relief or as body shaper during postpartum recovery
  • BROAD BAND fits hip circumferences up to 46 inches

Product description:

  • Superior Technology & Design
    Our maternity belt employs two easy-to-use overlapping Velcro straps: The first keeps the belt in place, while the second ensures a comfortable fit which can be adjusted throughout the day. The belt gently supports the pelvis through elastic compression without limiting movement or compromising comfort.
  • Medical Performance
    Lower back fatigue is a common issue for mothers during the latter stages of pregnancy. With the baby's weight added to the front of the body, the entire spine is exposed to an excess amount of pressure, which can cause muscle fatigue and strain. By providing quality support to the lumbar and pelvic muscles this discomfort can be alleviated, and other complicating medical conditions such as uterine prolapse prevented.
  • Ideal for Expecting Mothers
    - Prenatal & postnatal posture correction
    - Relieves pelvic muscle fatigue
    - Reduces spinal pressure around the lumbar region
    - Prevents uterine prolapse
    - Postnatal body shaper
  • Technical Specifications
    69% polyester, 20% elastic, 11% nylon
    Hand wash in cool water – hang dry
    Size: 4” x 46”
    Designed in the USA. Manufactured in Taiwan.
    FDA Certified

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