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Bafx Decibel Sound Level Reader Meter

Bafx Decibel Sound Level Reader Meter


Bafx Decibel Sound Level Reader Meter


  • Measurement Range: 30dBA ~ 130dBA
  • Accuracy Within +/-1.5dB; Sample rate of 2x/second
  • Measures in dBA Frequency - Accounts for the relative loudness perceived by the human ear
  • Requires 9V Batteryuetooth enabled Android devices & Windows PC's. Arrives with DEMO software for PC's. NOT FOR USE WITH iOS DEVICES! If you are NOT located in the USA

Product description:

→Our Decibel Meter is compact and easy to use while providing you accurate readings in a greater range than similar inexpensive sound meters on the market!Our sound meter can read between 30dBA~130dBa, while reducing the effects of wind noise to produce more accurate readings. The BAFX Products sound meter provides readings within +/-1.5dBA providing some of the most accurate results!

→Perfect for monitoring noise levels in factories, offices, theaters and audio systems.

→The meter will automatically power off after approximately 11 minutes of use and MAX Hold Function will hold the highest reading until a higher reading is picked up. Included with the Decibel Meter is ONE, 9V Battery to start you off which will provide you about 30 hours of use.

Other great feature are: Sampling rate of 2X/second, Automatic back light display, Low battery indication, Frequency response range of 31.5Hz ~ 8.5KHz

PLEASE keep in mind that this meter measures in dBA to account for the relative loudness perceived by the human ear. This is the most commonly used dB measuring frequency."A" weighted decibel measuring means that values of sounds at lower frequencies are reduced, for more information contact BAFX Products®

Specifications• Measures from 30dBA to 130dBA
• Accuracy of +/- 1.5dB
• Resolution to 0.1 dB
• Frequency weighting A
• Sampling rate of 2x/second
• Low battery indicator
• Powered by 1-9V (INCLUDED)

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