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BackJoy Sitsmart Posture Plus Orthopedic Seat Cushion for Lower Back Pain

BackJoy Sitsmart Posture Plus Orthopedic Seat Cushion for Lower Back Pain


Product description
BackJoy SitSmart is an innovative back support cushion that provides natural, safe and effective back pain relief by optimizing your posture - anytime and anywhere you sit. Provides lumbar support, lower back pain relief, and corrects spine posture in cars, office environments and any surface. BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus features a comfortable, waterproof EVA foam covering for indoor or outdoor use. This coccyx cushion works on any type of seat, including office chairs, car seats, and hard or soft surfaces. The waterproof base and covering provide long-term use. These models help relieve back, posture, spinal, sciatia, lumbar, and lower neck pain.

BackJoy SitSmart Pro Gel style features a soothing layer of gel-infused memory foam beneath the surface for extra pressure relief when sitting for long periods of time.
The SitSmart Relief style features a soft black fabric covering that's great for everyday use at the office, at home or in the car.
To enjoy the benefits of SitSmart, make sure you review the information packet included inside the product packaging. It is important to note that changing your sitting posture can cause temporary discomfort, such as going to the gym for the first time. Your muscles, joints and ligaments may need time to adjust and relax into the new posture that your BackJoy provides. If this is the cause of your discomfort, limit usage to 15 minutes and increase usage over the course of a few days or a week. Go slow and listen to what your body needs. If there is an increase in pain, stop using your BackJoy and consult a medical professional.

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