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Athena Menstrual Period Flow Silicon Cup Size 1 Leak-Free Reusable

Athena Menstrual Period Flow Silicon Cup Size 1 Leak-Free Reusable


About the product
? PROMOTE YOUR HEALTH: You deserve a change! The Most EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE cup on the market is also the most SAFE. Collect your flow the natural way for easy disposal at your convenience. No more Dryness or Itch! Reduced Cramping! and no more nasty chemicals inside your body.

? EASY TO USE: Athena Cup has worked hard to produce the softest cup available through innovative use of material thickness and higher quality silicone. We have made our cup easier to insert and take out with our FORM-FIT rim. So Soft - you won’t even know it’s there. So Secure - you'll never have to worry about a leak again! Check out our pictures to see why Athena Cup is your best choice for your cycle today!

? IT’S YOUR LIFE, LIVE IT WELL: Athena Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours! Be FREE of carrying tampons or pads wherever you go. No risk of an embarrassing moment. Empty in the comfort of your own home when YOU want. All this and ECO friendly too!

Safety Information
Menstrual cups are not a contraceptive device and will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Please remove cup before intercourse. Do not use menstrual cups for post-natal bleeding. Your menstrual cup should not be worn for longer than 12 consecutive hours. You must handle your menstrual cup with clean hands. Keep your menstrual cup clean at all times. Keep your menstrual cup away from damaging agents, pets, children and direct sun light.

This 100% Platinum grade medical silicone menstrual cup will replace conventional tampons and pads in an ECO friendly and healthier way. You can use this device for up to 12 consecutive hours. Designed to be soft and easy to use and with proper use, you won't even know it's there.

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