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Anycolor Label Tapes Refill 4-Pack for Dymo LetraTag Plus Label Maker

Anycolor Label Tapes Refill 4-Pack for Dymo LetraTag Plus Label Maker


Package includes: 4-Pack equivalent DYMO LetraTag Plastic Tapes 91331. Color: Black Text Print on White Background. Width: 1/2" (12mm) each. Length: 13' (4m) each.
100% compatible with following DYMO label makers: DYMO LetraTag, LetraTag Plus LT-100H, LetraTag Plus LT-100T, LetraTag QX50
Features: The equivalent DYMO LetraTag (LT) label tape 91331 is easy to install and use. The plastic tape is great to print clear and durable labels. Split backing makes the labels easy to peel off. Its polyester material makes it much stronger than similar labels. No sticky residue remains when the labels are removed.
Applications: Non-laminated equivalent to DYMO 91331 label tape is suitable for indoor applications and ideal for flat and dry surfaces, including in homes, offices, schools, labs and hospitals, for labeling files, folders, shelves, books, accessories, etc.

Anycolor Equivalent DYMO LetraTag tape 91331 can be fully compatible with the following DYMO LetraTag label printers:
LetraTag, LetraTag Plus LT100H, LetraTag Plus LT100T, LetraTag QX50, etc.


Easy-peel split back for fast and trouble-free application.
Easy to install and use.
Print clear and durable labels.
Non-laminated surface (Matte surface)
As a continuous tape, it can be cut into labels of any length.
Its plastic material makes it much sturdier than the paper labels
Remove the labels without leaving any adhesive residue

Individually packaged
Easy to open

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