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Anker Type C Male USB-C to Micro USB Adapter Connector

Anker Type C Male USB-C to Micro USB Adapter Connector


  • Increase Compatibility: A minimalist solution for using Micro USB cables with USB-C phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Charge & Sync: Uses USB 2.0 protocol for high-speed Micro USB charging and fast data transfer (480 Mbps). Has a 56KΩ pull-up resistor for incredible safety and reliability.
  • Quick and Simple: Fool-proof design with no installation required—simply plug and play.The USB-C connector does not support USB On-The-Go.

Product description:
USB 2.0 compatibility for high-speed data transfer
Quick and simple, foolproof plug-and-play design
Makes any USB-C device compatible with Micro USB connections

2 x USB-C to Micro USB Adapter
A minimalist solution for using Micro-USB cables with your USB-C devices.
Ensure that all your accessories synergize, and get full functionality from your flagship smartphone, tablet or notebook.

  • Reversible Connector
    USB-C solves the biggest problem with USB connectors: their inexplicable inability to be inserted, regardless of orientation. USB-C plugs in first time, every time.
  • Long-Lasting Durability
    Uses premium mateirals and precision engineering to bear over 10,000 insertions. That’s up to 3x more than other adapters.
  • Sync & Charge
    Retains complete USB functionality. Supports transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps and fast-charging technologies including Qualcomm Quick Charge.
  • The Perfect Match
    Slots perfectly into your tech ecosystem. The slimline looks and casing are designed fit seamlessly with the latest flagship devices.


  • USB-C to Micro USB Adapter - The Small and Simple USB-C Converter
  • Huge USB Compatibility - Use your USB-C phone, tablet or computer with your Micro USB cables. Allows you to easily connect your USB-C phone to any charger or computer.
  • Hi-Speed - Offers full speed Micro USB charging speed, including Qualcomm Quick Charge and other high-speed charging protocols. 480 Mbps transfer speed is around 20 songs per second.
  • Supremely Simple - Just plug the adapter's USB-C plug into your device and a cable into the adapter's Micro USB port. No other hardware or software required.
  • Multi-Device Compatibility - Works seamlessly with USB-C phones and tablets as well as laptops and other devices. Includes two adapters for ultimate convenience.

Compatible Devices Include:
Apple MacBook (12-inch, 2015)
Google ChromeBook Pixel (2015)
Nokia N1 Tablet
OnePlus 2
Nexus 5X
Nexus 6P
Xiaomi 5
Samsung Galaxy TabPro S
HTC 10

Please Note:
This adapter will not charge Nexus 5X or 6P, Moto Z, Huawei Mate 9, Helio X20/X25, or OnePlus 3/3T at full speed.
The USB-C connector may not fit perfectly with Sony XZ or LG V20.
Does not support USB On-The-Go.

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