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Anker S5 7500mAh Extended Battery Cover

Anker S5 7500mAh Extended Battery Cover


Anker USA Extended Battery Cover Samsung Galaxy S5 7500mAh

  • 7500mAh Extended Battery and Cover Combo
    Ultimate power and protection for your Galaxy S5.
  • Triple Your Battery Life
    Use your phone almost three times longer. That's up to 56 hours of 3G talktime, 27 hours of internet or 32 hours of HD movie viewing!
  • Protect Your S5
    The durable TPU cover protects your phone's corners, sides and back, all while adding only half an inch of thickness (including battery).
  • Total Efficiency
    Unlike external power sources, this built-in battery is totally power efficient, giving your phone 100% of the stored energy to use.
  • Superior Quality
    With premium cells, IC chips to prevent short circuiting and rigorous inspection tests, there's simply no better quality extended battery.


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