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Amprobe BAT-250 Battery Tester

Amprobe BAT-250 Battery Tester


Amprobe BAT-250 Battery Tester


  • Easy-to-read color-coded display with "Good", "Low" and "Replace/Recharge" indicators
  • Test standard and rechargeable batteries: 9V, AA, AAA, C, D, 1.5V Button Type
  • No batteries required to operate


  • Ergonomic Design - Shape  of the case contours to your hand for comfortable measurements.
  • New Side Cradle - Side cradle holds batteries securely in place during testing.
  • High-Quality 9V Contacts - New high-quality 9V contacts make tests more straight forward and error-free.
  • Adjusted Display Orientation - The display orientation has been adjusted for easier reading.
  • High Current/High Load Situations - For testing batteries used in high current/high load situations such as digital cameras, the battery may need to be replaced when tester indicates battery charge is in the low end of the “good” range (near yellow field). These batteries can still be used in low load applications such as in remote controls.
  • Testing Different Battery Types - Rechargeable Batteries are typically 1.2V when fully charged versus 1.5V for normal alkaline batteries, but they have a higher battery capacity (mAh). Because the BAT-250 tests for voltage, these batteries are still usable when the tester indicates green or yellow fields. When testing batteries, ensure the positive terminal is on top (right side up). For button batteries (1.5V only), the positive terminal is on top (look for "+" printing on top of battery to verify terminals and 1.5V voltage).

Other product description:

  • Battery failure is one of the most common causes for sensor or instrument failure. Battery Tester indicates the amount of charge remaining in standard and rechargeable batteries.

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