The MOLDEX GROUP OF COMPANIES was organized in August 1996 as the holding company for all existing and yet to be formed subsidiary companies. Its guiding principle shall be that in any business endeavor that the MOLDEX gets involved in, it shall maintain an image of excellence, integrity, trustworthiness and profitability.  Its formation was born out of the need to expand its horizons and visions in the face of changing perceptions and global realities of the business world.

MGOC is intended to be the vehicle to institutionalize for posterity the principles of its founder, MR. JACINTO T. UY, to enable the Group and its subsidiary companies to trancend his generation.  This shall be achieved through the professionalization of the organization.  Continued investments in good people shall be pursued.  People of good public stature and reputation will be invited to join the Board of the MOLDEX GROUP.  Eventually MGOC will go public and opened to investors, both foreign and local, through an IPO.

For the Group to continue to be profitable, there shall be continuing improvements in the control and operational systems of all business units within the MOLDEX GROUP.

It shall be a thrust of the Group to project to the public its corporate name, philosophies and endeavors.

The MOLDEX GROUP shall pursue one vision, speak with one voice, attain strength through growth, and proceed with unity of purpose and teamwork to achieve its objectives.

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